A Guide to IT Software Outsourcing Trends in 2024

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Software Outsourcing Trends Rates Guide

There is a chance that the United States can slip into another recession by October 2024 with a probability of 46.11%. This represents a decline from the expected value of last month which stood at 56.16%. One year prior, the spread of the difference between their bond yields forecasts U.S. recession probabilities.


However, the outlook on the software industry remains positive with Statista projecting digital transformation spending of about $3.4 trillion USD in 2026.


Talent crunch, rising developers’ costs and endemic covid disruptions were already affecting them. They are planning for budget revisions and revenue adjustments. Adaptability will be crucial for everyone as we move forward into uncharted waters.


Fortunately, software outsourcing enables it. During downturns, it becomes a must-have component since it helps provide cheaper access to talent and resources in boom times.


Economic uncertainties allow you to outsource and operate with lower operating and administrative cost, which gives the freedom to reshape organizational activities to fulfill customers’ needs.


Few years ago, some of the largest US companies survived the 2008 global financial crisis through shrinking and outsourcing. It is an effective way of remaining productive and relieving the burden on your internal development group. Don’t worry if you are too afraid; after all, it is perfectly understandable. The earlier ambitious plans made this year are likely to be changed due to the prevailing economic condition. However, there is still a high appetite in terms of digital transformations and cloud migrations aimed at improving business efficiency and client satisfaction.


Though a lot of tech companies are downsizing in terms of staffing, this sector is highly competitive. The previous two years have witnessed significant surges in developer rates. Next is anticipated to observe some deceleration of developer rates.


Unfortunately, crippling war in Ukraine makes the country questionable for a major outsourcing destination. The return of Ukraine will happen but recovery takes time and there is still an element of doubt.


However, our 2024 Global Software Outsourcing Trends and Rates guide cuts through the mess with trusted knowledge. Many great companies had been formed during recessions. This is a time for growth and progress.


Software Investment and Decision-Making in the 2024

This manual has all the specifics aimed at facilitating your future purchases and software choice in the next year. A one-stop information hub on Expert opinions, benchmarks, proposal, skill gap, technology priorities, professional development and prediction around software outsourcing.


This involves merging a global network which is built upon professional competencies, company’s special approach in choosing business partners and unique software outsource cycle.


We scrutinized over two hundred software development companies across the globe, which formed a basis of this guide and reflected our evaluation expertise that is matchless.


The company has been in this market for over 10 years providing custom software development services. Hundreds of our clients have used outsourcing to manage their way forward through the changes to strategic direction and business cycles.


Indeed, we carry that extensive knowledge to our 2024 Global Software Outsourcing Trends and rates guide. We extract our information directly from our worldwide contacts.

In this regard, an international perspective remains the most important aspect when it comes to appreciating the dynamics of the pandemic, geopolitics and economic shifts.


This helps all of us realize we would much benefit from taking a large pinch of perspective towards handling the turbulent past few years. Together with our exclusive perspectives, we have handpicked significant tendencies and current figures from reliable outsource suppliers and knowledge leaders.


The guide also includes knowledge of thought leaders in outsourcing software.


Software Outsourcing Outlook 2024

Global Software Application Outsourcing Market Projections

This upcoming year will be a prescription for outsourcing as an antidote for economic problems.


Of the US businesses planning to outsource any part of software development, 60% intend to do so. The same proportion was reported in our survey last year and it is expected to drop slightly in our next study.


From Forrester 2023 enterprise budget survey, 72% of USA enterprises technology decision makers expected a rise in their organization’s software investment within the 12 months. This demonstrates the constant motion of digital transformation projects. It also highlights the valuable role outsourcing can play in this new era of cost constraints, because of strong business fundamentals in four key areas:


Cost Saving 

The application developers, in particular, such as those who possess highly valued skills, are very expensive. This is when saving costs by outsourcing work to engineers in lower cost regions becomes a real consideration for IT Executives.


Demand Management

In that respect, in the coming year, different businesses will have distinct needs such as software developers and specific technical skills. When scaling up or down demand, outsourcing gives your operations flexibility, speedily adjustment, and reliability to respond.


Skills Sourcing

In order to align with industry disruption companies strengthen internal capabilities with highly specialized third party vendors. This enables them to hire expert workers and pay relatively less price compared with the local market.



Application development, the largest expense under IT, may go down in spite of this but it will still take up more money than the other lines because innovation remains top on the list. With a strategy of selectively outsourcing, many IT organizations will strengthen their own internal teams using internal investment.


Today, technology initiatives are vital for growth and competitive edge. That won’t change in 2023. Outsourcing partners will also be involved in software development for support to ongoing operations as well as new innovation which in turn will create a bigger load share for them.


Geo-political Influence on Outsourcing Dynamics: Armenia's Rising Role

Political changes in monitoring some of the countries in our global developer network significantly affect outsourcing dynamics. Technology markets have suffered a severe blow after 2022 with the war in eastern Europe and especially Russia attacking Ukraine.


Armenia's Emerging Position


Despite the recent disruptions that have taken place within traditional outsourcing centers such as Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus, Armenia stands out as a prominent competitor. Though Ukraine, known as the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe, encountered some difficulties, Armenia proved to be resistant and presented a growth opportunity.


Armenia's Strategic Advantage


With enhanced stability and a favorable location, Armenia is becoming a more enticing option for software development outsourcing. Armenia boasts of an expanding labor pool and embraces innovation as it prepares for a dynamic future.


Mitigating Global Talent Shortages


Following the major disruptions experienced in key areas that affect most software developer companies, Armenia comes in handy making it an ideal alternative. Its commitment to IT, expanding ecosystem and potential for stability and novelty makes it desirable to the global clientele.


Armenia's Comparative Strengths


Unlike that of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, Armenia gives quite a strong environment for offshoring while it can be said that there is not much chance of geopolitical risks that are involved. Located closest to European consumer markets, it is an ideal destination for companies exploring the vagaries of the global outsourcing arena, staffed by an educated workforce.


Navigating the Changing Landscape


In the meantime, Armenia’s stamina and flexibility in the face of upheavals taking place around IT outsourcing globally are starting to show. It is reassuring to note that the country has embarked on proactive steps to create a favorable business environment, which promises an upward path for its standing in the international outsourcing market.


Looking Ahead: A Positive Outlook for Armenia


With the increased geopolitical uncertainty, Armenia promises growth in the software development outsourcing industry. Over the next few years, as global dynamics unfold, Armenia’s stability and resilience should make it a sought-after location by companies searching for dependable and novel outsourcing options.

A Guide to IT Software Outsourcing Trends in 2024 2


Looking forward to the software development outsourcing dynamics in 2024 as our experts consider Addevice’s tremendous experience and competence in crafting programs. For the IT managers, it is important to consider the strategies of the next turn. That’s why Addevice presents its anticipatory forecasting about the continuing tendencies, developing new dynamics, as well as emerging trends. Know your future move by exploring the visionary idea for building the future-proof strategy.


  • Cost and Right-Sizing Agility
  • Developer Shortage Paradox
  • Hyper Specialized Tech Skills
  • Hybrid Team Validation
  • Cybersecurity Sourcing Crisis
  • Multi-Partner Sourcing


Cost and Right-Sizing Agility

Cost and right-sizing agility


  • Cost Efficiency: Emphasis on cost-effective strategies for outsourcing is likely to continue in future. In their annual report in 2023, the majority 68% of surveyed companies intended at least a 20% reduction on costs by means of outsourcing
  • Agility Metrics: Nearly 82% of the companies tried for agile methodology in their outsourced projects with an effort of reducing the average time of delivery by 30%.


Developer Shortage Paradox

Developer Shortage Paradox    

  • Increasing Gap: The skilled developers’ shortage grew further, predicting a potential 30% hike in demand in comparison to the supply. As a result, it is estimated that there was a shortage of about 1.5 million developers globally.
  • Impact on Projects: According to a research report, about 45% of company projects had been delayed by at least three months because of a poor pool of skilled software engineers.

Hyper Specialized Tech Skills

Hyper Specialized Tech Skills


  • Skill Demand Surge: There was high demand for specific technical skills or skill sets. For example, there was an increase of 40% on outsourcing activities which included AI and ML specialists.
  • Niche Expertise: Over 62% of companies wanted to outsource highly specific competencies that included the blockchain creation and the cybersecurity skills.

Hybrid Team Validation

Hybrid Team Validation


  • Team Structure Dynamics: In 2023, hybrid (mixed) team structure became widespread. More than 50% of outsourcing workplaces in the survey found them a joint venture between local and international staff.
  • Performance Benchmarks: Hybrid teams were about 15% more effective to finish projects compared with sourcing and full outsourcing ones.

Cybersecurity Sourcing Crisis

Cybersecurity Sourcing Crisis


  • Rising Concerns: From the survey of the outsourcing companies that were concerned with cyber-security for their decisions, 83% indicated additional worries than the previous survey of 71%.
  • Incident Escalation: According to a given report, there must have been an increment of cyber security incidents by at least 25% for outsourcing. Thus it is important for the sake of security measures.

Multi-Partner Sourcing

Multi-Partner Sourcing    

  • Diversification Strategies: Most organizations also followed multi-partner sourcing, using different outsource companies simultaneously (60%).
  • Quality vs. Quantity: However, it was a daunting task because 40% of them had uneven quality standards as they worked with different vendors.


2024 Software Jobs and Skills Outlook: Navigating the Talent Landscape

In 2024 therefore, we are experiencing the transformation of workforce characteristics and skills in the software industry. Here's a statistical breakdown of the current landscape:


Jobs with the Most Demand Overall

Persistent Talent Gap

  • Projected Job Openings: In 2024, there will be over 200,000 trained personnel required annually, on an average each year.
  • Unfilled Positions: However, there is a continuing talent gap where the US alone has about 1.2 million underfilled engineering jobs.

Developer Leverage


  • Negotiating Power: Software developers still hold such a strong position as to be considered in line with this observation held by Gartner. In 2024, 78% of developers use their skills in demanding better terms and higher pay.

Impact on Hiring Strategies


  • Outsourcing Trends: 65% of US companies already realize that there is a shortfall of local professionals and have been exploring the possibility or considering increasing software development outsourcing as one of the elements of their employment strategy.
  • LinkedIn Job Postings: Software engineering positions also remain top with 25% of the entire jobs posted on LinkedIn.    

Global Talent Shortage


  • International Impact:  Report reveals that the global shortage of software development talent worsens by 15% as many businesses experience problems.
  • Skill Specialization: 40% of sought after skills include highly specialized ones like AI and cyber security expertise.

Emerging Job Roles


  • New Job Profiles: 20% of job advertisements for the year 2024 provide for new positions such as quantum computing specialists and augmented reality developers because they reflect ongoing technological advancements.

Forecast for the Decade


  • Long-Term Job Outlook:  Further, in the next ten years, there will be about 2 million vacancies in the area of software engineering which can be interpreted as a long lasting need for software development professionals.

A Guide to IT Software Outsourcing Trends in 2024 10


2024 Choosing the Right Pricing Model for Outsourcing

2024 Choosing the Right Pricing Model for Outsourcing


In 2024, choosing the right vendor involves more than just selecting the perfect price. Maintaining a good balance on budget, date, and quality continues to be of vital importance during this phase. In addition, an upfront negotiation process forms the basis of laying strong foundations for success.


  • Fixed Price Model: In standard fixed-price contracts, the scope of work and requirements are well specified. The models would work best in medium sized projects with good control of timeline and boundary. This serves to encourage the partner, and they will be more efficient in the work.
  • Time and Materials (T&M) Model: Using this model, outsourcing partners are categorized depending on the time needed to accomplish a particular project. This will make you partner to submit bids for the project based on your needs, width of coverage, and amounts of work. This model is used mostly in long lasting projects, where there is room for adjustment of the project scope and in fixed price projects up to 30% in custom development.
  • Incentive-based Model: There are extra charges for every goal accomplished by the development team, which is paid upon addition as part of the original contract. When limitations are found in fixed price and time and material models, incentives may compensate and maintain an alignment of interests between you and your partners’ goals.
  • Shared Risk-Reward Model: Like an incentive based pricing, this model is also used on a flat rate with additional payments that are delayed until your spouse accomplishes certain objectives. In this case, however, the development of the new products happens in collaboration between the client and the outsourcer whereby the latter contributes towards supporting them in the costs. Moreover, the partner participates in reaping profits for the stipulated period. We have a team of experienced consultants who will assist you select the most suitable model from the offshoring, near shoring or onshoring process of developing software.

Quality Versus Cost Considerations

What hard positions are you ready for while choosing a vendor? Increased risks, coupled with the stress of dealing with an unskilled, unstable or inefficient software partner arising from a cost-centric approach.


In most places, providing software development for $100 per hour in the US is equivalent to only $55 per hour at equal quality. There are also cheaper options for companies with tight budgets, although some compromise will have to be accepted. Addevice analysis of costs and quality-for-money balance allows to define an ideal set of rates ($40 per hour - 90 per hour).


You are guaranteed to receive value for money at this stage because a trustworthy vendor will provide you with efficient and effective solutions. Knowingly about quality-cost tradeoffs. The drop in quality occurs almost exponentially as rates decline. This is a dynamic that has proven costly for many companies on several occasions. Cutting your price under market rate by $10 per hour might earn the goodwill of the CFO, but it takes away a certain level of skills that your organization does not want to compromise on in order to ensure that you produce goods with a specified quality and time-bound requirement.  Explore the best countries for software outsourcing.


Differences between a lower-cost partner and their picture is illustrated by the photo provided below.

Differences between a lower-cost partner


This chart shows standards of certification requirements of Addevices, which are measured across various software engineers’ hourly pay ranges from $20 per hour, $40 per hour and up to $45 up to $90 per hour.

It discusses how it differs when you pay a software developer between $40 and $90 per hour compared to $20 to $40 per hour. It is because this kind of quality of your coding and the overall success of the project are put at risk.


 Hourly Rate of Software Engineers
Partner Evaluation Criteria$20-$40/hour$40-$90/hour
English Proficiency and FluencyUsually performs adequately in the sales cycle: Communication failures are frequent in project delivery teams, which generally do not speak or write fluent English.Brings A+ English skills: Collaboration becomes much easier since converse and communicates with all of her team members confidently.
Cultural Understanding and    
Experience with Western Teams
Very little direct work experience involving Western clients as a team - may even only be exposure to one project for smaller clients.A good grasp of Western culture and working experience in a team- 95% of work is done for Western customers.
CertificationsCannot garner certifications due to its short history and poor “enterprise grade” qualities.Holding the industry leading product and services quality certifications; such as ISO90001 quality management system standard.
QualityPoor communication leads to poor teamwork where people just follow instructions without innovating or collaborating; often do not comply with deadlines, budget and specifications.Involves personnel aware of client needs with an aim of yielding as per stipulated business ends with surpassed performance.
QualityProvides limited investment in hiring more experienced resources, toward reducing turnover; the people get considered as commodities.It recruits the high level experts who worked before and has programs that attract the best available employees.

On the other hand, it is important to consider the overall cost of engagement including the outsourced rates. For example, if you decide to hire your own developers in house, the total costs for engagement have included the base hourly rate plus taxes, healthcare, retention plan etc. In outsourcing, many of these in house costs disappear.


But we should also keep in mind other costs. In addition, the extra charges you may incur include communication costs, travel expenses, and the supervision of the new partner company. Management and travel fees must be added for an affordable offshore developer who is located in some remote part of Southeast Asia. The outsourcing specialists estimate that the total cost of engagement may go as high as 20% above the basic fee.


In-House versus Outsourcing Cost Comparison
In-HouseIn-House Outsourcing
Benefits, Taxes, Overhead$13-18/hourBenefits, Taxes, Overhead 
Operational Expenses$10/hourOperational Expenses & Profit 
Total Cost of Engagement$83-112/hourTotal Cost of Engagement 


Addevice’s Proprietary Rates Analysis

The rates below were derived based on construction of a blended team, rather than hiring individual contractors. This might prove to be expensive initially but ends up being less expensive in terms of the total amount charged for each resource. This is another method used to create a stronger foundation of partnership that succeeds more likely.


lobal Rates Table


These tables come as a result of research carried out by the Addevice team consisting of hundreds of enterprise level software programming companies located in critical offshore locales all over the globe. Almost all interviewed companies export more than fifty percent of their products and services towards the USA, UK, Europe or Australia. No data was collected from IT staffing firms as their rates tend to be less than this.


2023 Global Software Outsourcing Rates Comparison

Global Software Outsourcing Rates

Usually, partnering nearshore/offshore software development companies, helps the company to cut the expenses from 40% to 70%.


Since budgets are already overstrained by rising interest rates, inflation, supply chain disruptions and Ukrainian war, outsourcing remains a cheapest option to ensure that digital strategies can sail through this storm.


Regional dynamics: Regional dynamics: Labor rates increased 24% and new customers flowed out from partnerships in Ukraine. Contrastingly, rates increased marginally in central and eastern Europe due to chaos during that time, whereas they remained stable in parts of Southern and Southeastern Asia.


Outlook for 2024:  They have remained high due to increased developer demands, high city living costs and escalating international inflation rates. Top fees will be commanded by senior engineers, while specialized skills in the most critical technologies will fetch a high price.


Global insights: With respect to Latin America nearshoring, resource pressure will also push the costs of development teams even higher as well as retaining these teams. In case you need fast and cheap hires, perhaps you should consider offering in Asia.

2024 Global Software Outsourcing Rates Per Region


 Latin AmericaCentral & Eastern EuropeSouth AsiaSoutheast AsiaNorth America
Architect$72 - $96$71 - $95$58 - $71$47 - $70$139 - $182
Lead Developer$66 - $82$68 - $82$44 - $53$41 - $45$169 - $209
Senior Developer$65 - $82$68 - $76$41 - $49$34 - $41$143 - $172
Intermediate Developer$53 - $66$47 - $65$35 - $41$27 - $34$119 - $144
Junior Developer$41 - $53$35 - $53$25 - $36$21 - $35$75 - $91
Business Analyst$56 - $68$57 - $81$40 - $61$31 - $47$109 - $154
DevOps$59 - $82$62 - $79$29 - $44$35 - $62$114 - $148
Graphic Designer$48 - $75$53 - $71$38 - $43$29 - $37$79 - $100
Project Manager$59 - $82$53 - $78$44 - $55$37 - $60$96 - $123
Scrum Master$54 - $79$61 - $74$44 - $50$48 - $59$121 - $153
Junior QA (Manual)$34 - $52$26 - $44$24 - $29$18 - $28$62 - $78
Intermediate QA (Manual)$42 - $59$41 - $59$29 - $32$22 - $32$104 - $126
Senior QA (Manual)$53 - $66$47 - $61$34 - $37$25 - $38$117 - $139
Junior QA (Automated)$35 - $53$32 - $51$25 - $32$22 - $29$74 - $94
Intermediate QA (Automated)$48 - $62$43 - $63$29 - $39$25 - $35$125 - $151
Senior QA (Automated)$59 - $72$54 - $74$35 - $46$29 - $40$140 - $167


Elevate Your Business with Addevice's Proven Solutions

This concluding chapter has taken a look at the fast-paced universe concerning software exportations in 2024. Lastly, we will tie everything up, putting more emphasis on why working with Addevice offers the ultimate key towards unmatched success.

Why Addevice Stands Out    

  • Tailored Solutions: Addevice is aware that there is no single recipe that fits all. Personalized services are delivered for every project we undertake through our unique pricing model that accommodates fixed price, time and materials, incentive-based or shared risk rewards systems.
  • Proven Track Record: With its proven track record of client satisfaction globally, Addevice is one reliable partner when it comes to solving software development’s intricacies.
  • Expert Guidance: We have a specialist group who helps us choose among the best pricing methods and suitable outsourcing approach i.e, offshoring/nearshoring/onshoring.
  • Adaptability in 2024: Addevice remains ahead in the constantly changing outsourcing landscape by leveraging the most recent trends and techniques for your project’s success.

Outsource confidently into the future. Addevice encompasses innovative strategies, deep knowledge of the field, plus your prosperity. Grow your business higher with us.


Navigating IT staffing, Staffing industry trends, Navigating IT staffing, Staffing industry trends



Some of the crucial software outsourcing trends that will be evident in 2024 include cost and right-sizing agility, resolving the never-ending developer gap puzzle, heightened demand for specialized tech talents, substantiation of mixed teams, as well as the lasting cybersecurity Such trends inform how outsourcing will be experienced, determining factors such as project dynamics, pricing models, and quality considerations.

In regards to the geopolitical scene especially events that have been prevailing in Eastern Europe which has significant effects on the rates of software outsourcing in 2024. War has disturbed workplaces in Europe, most particularly Ukraine; consequently affecting global outsourcing prices. Geopolitical uncertainties will keep changing and as such, companies will explore other outsourcing destinations.

The appropriate pricing plan will be essential to make in 2024. They can provide some suggested models such as Fixed Price Model, which is suitable for specific projects, T&M or Time and material model, which allows making alterations on scope, incentive based one or motivation of high achievements, and shared risk reward (SRS), which provides opportunity for mutual Each model aims at specific aspects of a project depending on the nature of the project concerning its size, complexity, and flexibility requirements.

In their navigations of the talent gap in 2024, companies should consider options like software development outsourcing. In many cases, there is a chronic deficit of competent programmers, which allows companies to use the services of developers from all over the world. On its part, the guide advises going through other outsource models such as Fixed Price and Time and Materials to address the skill-based problems involved in the project. Also, monitoring for new trends and changing practices are imperative in tackling shortage of talents appropriately.

Software outsourcing with cyber security being a vital issue for 2024. Cybersecurity sourcing crisis remains the main trend in sourcing (83% are saying that it is so). The contemporary cyber environment is now quite intricate, hence businesses should concentrate on strict security standards and detailed due diligence when choosing outsourcing partners so as to protect their sensitive data and intellectual property.

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