The Growth of Addevice in an Interview With Grigory Jlavyan

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Addevice, based in Yerevan, Armenia, was founded in 2012 and specializes in custom programming, client-server, database design, and internet/intranet mobile software application development. It holds a team of highly qualified and skilled programmers, web developers, graphic designers and other IT professionals specialized in development of custom software applications and services. It employs a highly qualified and skilled team of programmers, web developers, graphic designers, and other IT professionals who specialize in the advancement of custom software applications and services.


Since 2014, we've been developing and launching mobile products for entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses. We believe that only the results we deliver are important, and we'll prove it to you in our first meeting. Our company prioritizes users and their needs from the beginning and every day.


Since the inception, we have worked tirelessly to build a network of satisfied clients and users, and we continue to be inspired by their positive feedback. Despite the years and ever-expanding customer base, we remain a company "with a human face," founded by a group of software enthusiasts. We are a dependable IT partner because of our dedication, hard work, and innovative ideas.


The GoodFirms team interviewed Grigory Jlavyan, the CEO of Addevice, who unveils the insights of the company, its work ethics, and flourishing services.


Starting with the interview, Grigory describes the idea behind the commencement of Addevice. He claims that in 2013, the market was less developed and there was little competition. Simultaneously, the options for idea execution were limited. Every new accomplishment that increased user satisfaction was a huge success, indicating that such potential could bring much more to the industry. We saw an opportunity to grow and discovered a need for high-quality solutions.


Concerning the business model, Grigory states, "We are an in-house team providing a multi-dimensional approach to customer demands and addressing needs with expertise." Our team handles full-cycle app development as well as ongoing maintenance, marketing support, and monitoring. For years, we have been developing core values that value responsibility and commitment, strive to maintain the identity, and recognize each team member as the company's most valuable asset. We also work on digital community development by offering ongoing internship programs and contributing to the development of talent pools.


We create spectacular experiences and deliver them on time. We assist startups and businesses by creating creative, intuitive, and immersive UI UX designs that flawlessly guide users in performing the desired actions. For your business product, we discover and design a visually stimulating and user-friendly experience.


Addevice's design divisions are made up of super-cool UI designers, UX Designers, Graphic Designers, and animators who are dedicated to maintaining your users at the center of your product's design with a fruitful designing process from concept to quality of the product.


Addevice's expert team collaborates with global enterprises and startups to create customized, feature-rich mobile apps. This begins with the client's ideas and helps the client shape those ideas into reality. The artistic team collaborates closely with the clients to understand their vision, research aspects, and produce a high-quality product.


Thus, with a user-centric approach, Addevice's app makers tap into user research, wire flows, design pattern libraries, alleviate page clutter, and improve labeling, endowing the firm to quickly earn a secure place at GoodFirms amongst the top mobile app designers.


The review at GoodFirms proves the potential of app designers at Addevice.



The Addevice team is transforming the digital realm by inspiring opportunities for a better mobile experience. The team of app developers creates and delivers engaging, responsive, and faster user experiences. The professional team develops highly efficient and dynamic mobile applications that are both flexible and agile. They also use cloud-based technologies to efficiently design mobile applications at a lower cost.


Furthermore, as their primary focus, the expert app developers' team creates seamlessly integrated mobile features. They design exceptional user experiences that are simple but elegant, ensuring dependability, desirability, usefulness, and value. The group has a specific set of objectives for the clients that include increasing their ROI, growing their user base, and making them industry leaders.


Thus, belief in personalized service and providing global app solutions to clients that are ideal for their startups, small and medium businesses, or enterprise bequeaths Addevice to burgeon as one of the leading mobile app development companies in Armenia at GoodFirms.


The review obtained at GoodFirms reflects the quality of apps developed at Addevice.


Grigory concludes by stating that any project will be successful if it is processed in the following stages: analysis and planning, determining project requirements with a client, prototyping and idea validation, design and development, testing and implementation, maintenance, and upgrades.


We try to pay special attention and even spend extra time planning to reduce the likelihood of having to redo separate components or core functions. Much is dependent on the stakeholders. The more precise the needs and requirements are delivered, the less time will be spent on planning.


When it comes to payment, we make every effort to provide as much flexibility as possible. The billing structure, on the other hand, is primarily determined by the project's specifics. We have dealt with a wide range of pricing scenarios, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss conditions and approaches with our clients.


Thus, having read the above mentioned excerpt from Grigory’s interview, one can also go through the detailed one at GoodFirms.



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