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The past year was challenging for everyone. Addevice implemented a new strategic plan to overcome the challenges and offer solutions relevant to the new normal. We kicked off the new year 2021 with three significant achievements and are delighted to share the news with you.



Agency Vista, Top Marketing Agencies of Armenia 2021




We are happy to announce another victory of Addevice. Proud to be listed in the Top Marketing agencies of Armenia by Agency Vista. With a network of 45,029 companies, Agency Vista presents the list of the most trusted and professional companies. The all-in-one platform gives easy access to the top agencies worldwide and lays the foundation for future productive work. The priority of being listed in Agency Vista as one of the Top App Development Companies opens up broad prospects for collaboration.



GoodFirms, Top Mobile App Development Companies




The second great victory of Addevice is being included in the list of Top Mobile Development Companies. GoodFirms is a multi-functional research platform that connects the most professional IT companies with prominent achievements. The companies are presented with complete information about services and customer reviews. The categorized search helps the seekers to find the top companies around the globe that meet specific needs. For Addevice, being listed in the top best companies of a reliable source is a chance to get broader engagement.



Techimply, Top Mobile App Development Companies




The third winning achievement of Addevice for the first quarter of 2024 is one of the top places in the list of Mobile App Development Companies of Techimply. A technology recommendation platform has the capacity of over 10.000 buyers looking for highly-qualified IT companies. Being a part of this virtual community is of great value to present Addevice potential.



 Top Mobile App Development Companies in 2024




The good news continues! The new year brought another great winning for Addevice. The company is already listed in the Top Mobile Developers 2021 by Techreviewer. Addevice is presented with complete expertise information, experience, and the value it delivers.


Techreviewer presents the list of top companies with a high level of expertise and proven tech competences from all over the world specialized in different tech solutions. The platform gives an option to customize search parameters and get the list of top app development companies to contact.


Top 30+ Mobile App Development Companies in USA




Addevice has registered three substantial achievements on TopFirms IT Directory. The company leads in the list of Top 30+ Mobile App Development Companies in the USA.  It is also included in the list of 30 Best Android App Development Companies in the USA and 30 Best iOS App Development Companies in the USA.


Understanding the needs of service seekers and the huge pool of talents, TopFirms has come up with a reliable platform to gather all the best qualified IT companies and present them with comprehensive information and background. The listings are created after a broad analysis of IT and software companies’ products in search of niche experts.




We are happy to announce that Addevice is listed in Top 10+ Flutter App Development Companies | Hire Flutter Developers as one of the Flutter development companies.



Who we are




We are a group of enthusiasts specialized in our profession, under the name of the Addevice brand. We are sharing creative and high-end technology solutions for mobile products. Our team of innovative and creative minds is working hard on creating remarkable value for our partners. With all the passion and competence, we are ready to deliver the best result. 


Since 2014, we have been building our broad network of satisfied clients by delivering functionality and quality. We focus on the timely completion of a project, constant communication, and feedback to get the desired outcome.



Our core values


The knowledge and professionalism are gained by following our core values. 



Just like the world never stops spinning, Addevice team members never give up on self-improvement. It is one of the key points of our success.



Addevice generates fresh and unique ideas to bring to this world innovative solutions that drive changes. 


Responsibility and commitment

Behind all those big words, there stands a team of bright minds, responsible and committed to getting you through the process of idea to action.



Addevice is more than a company. It is a community of like-minded people that think, talk, and generate brilliant ideas together.


Positive results

The words are nothing! Our success is proved by the positive results and reviews of our clients.



What is our specialization


For more than seven years, Addevice has been working and developing skills in creating mobile applications. We build for Android and iOS platforms and offer specific solutions for mobile products.


What is our approach to delivering quality? Launching a product is not chaotic. It is a seven-step process with all team members involved in the process.


  1. The three core angles of the “Planning triangle” are Alignment, Project scheduling, and Cost estimation. The spectrum of components is the Analysis of the client’s strategies to find possible challenges and best solutions. The comprehensive research and an engaged team guarantee the success of Addevice projects. 
  2. Close communication is key to success. Defining the client’s requirements and key features, we are one step closer to the finish line.
  3. Creating prototype and design. Before getting straight to development, we make sure whether the app is user-friendly or not.
  4. Based on requirements, our team starts development in line with approved requirements.
  5. To prove we have delivered quality, we carry out in-depth testing with advanced tools. By the end of testing, the product will be ready for deployment.
  6. The Big day has come! We conduct the public launch of the product in stores and make sure it is available to users.
  7. To make sure our product is up-to-date and delivers higher functionality, we provide ongoing support and maintenance. 



Our vision


We believe in creating tangible value for our clients and the digital world that will make life easier and more comfortable. With attention to detail, we have adopted and successfully practiced a customer-oriented approach. Addevice is sure that success can be achieved by sharing the risks and challenges of clients. We are ready to share your risks and overcome challenges to succeed.


What is our mission


With a strong belief that only the results matter, we contribute all the resources to deliver quality. Our mission is to shape your ideas, develop and bring them to life. To ensure we succeed in creating the best solution, we start with an extensive analysis of market requirements and business needs. Following the trends and gaining skills and knowledge, we are here to fulfill even the boldest idea you have. The passion for work reflects our values and vision to produce a satisfying experience for our partners.



Why choose us as your partner


Our diversified portfolio reflects the vast industry experience of Addevice and knowledge of the team in the versatility of industries. Smoothly operating team with expertise in business analytics and industry trends manages to develop industry-ready apps. With a strong experience background and skill base, we accept any project challenges to overcome them with our heads high. 


Be sure we will become your dedicated partner who will never give up until you are 100% satisfied with the result. Close communication and a client-oriented approach will help us achieve the goal within the timeframe of the project. Our mutual success will deliver customer and community satisfaction. That is, the reality we want to live.



Our Expertise


Addevice keeps the focus on delivering products with high industry impact. With our apps, we have managed to change the lives of millions of users.


Payment platforms. Integrating a practical and flexible monetization system, our payment solutions may help you apply any payment option to the interface. Successfully implemented payment platform for Varpet app.


Insurance. The solid backend solution of Addevice helps to manage large data. Based on AI, the system collects data from multiple sources and processes it. Successfully implemented the insurance business of Stronestep across six countries.


Healthcare & Fitness. Being one of the most sensitive industries, healthcare needs maximum accuracy in data. Using AI to analyze data for content and custom alerts, Addevice developed a healthcare app. Sentinel Healthcare is now saving thousands of lives. 


Social networks. With relevant experience in developing social networks, integrating messenger to an existing app, and launching niche networks for music fans, we can offer any creative solution for you. 


Fintech. With our expertise in building global trading platforms and wealth management products, we will help you get secure solutions for your customers. 


Telecommunications. Our high-end solutions make it possible to stay connected even in regions with restrictions. We managed to connect 1 million users in the Gulf region through Gulfsip audio-video and text communications. 


Government. Automated public services deliver a high level of satisfaction, simplify the processes of payment and data collection. Our innovative solutions may way much increase productivity and government efficiency. 


Education & E-Learning. Online interactive learning has already become the top trending option around the world. By combining adaptable content and communication tools, E-learning may become a next-generation learning solution. 


Advanced manufacturing. Our IoT integrations and AI solutions are aimed at raising production efficiency and contributing to business growth. 


Technology can be used for good, so let’ make the world better together! 

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