Addevice Earns Another 5-Star Review on Clutch from Satisfied Partner

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Complex development projects require an extensive understanding of best development practices to be successful. Moreover, it’s important to have a clear grasp of the necessary resources to execute the project. For many companies, the main challenge in developing a large complex app, and software projects is the lack of in-house resources, which is a problem that we aim to solve for many clients.


Here at Addevice, we provide development solutions that won’t break the bank. As an innovative mobile app development company, our mission is to help every client achieve high-caliber development work. We help you bring your ideas to life using advanced technological services. With an extensive portfolio of custom solutions, including VOIP solutions, healthcare applications, social networking apps, mobile messaging apps, photo and video, and AI-powered solutions, we build top-noche applications in various industries. We provide services in software development, custom software development, mobile application development (Android development, iOS development), mobile optimization, and app destining. 


Since 2014, we have been building our broad network of satisfied clients, among them Varpet, Gulfsip, Alertive, Woo, idict, Fitle, and more. Our focus is on the timely completion of a project, constant communication, and feedback to get the desired outcome.



Here is what Addevice can provide

  • Easy, secure, and cost-effective communications over the internet, including messaging, audio calls, video calls, conference calls, file sharing;
  • Custom mobile app and web software solutions in the healthcare industry;
  • Connection through scalable and innovative solutions;
  • Fast and simple communications for any APP;
  • Custom-built Artificial Intelligence solution;
  • Image processing, image recognition, customized video stream player;
  • Personalized augmented reality solutions;
  • Scanning (optical character recognition, emotion, and object detection, facial detection, pattern recognition).


What is our approach to delivering quality as a mobile app development company that values excellence? We launch products in a seven-step process.


  1. We start with planning, namely alignment, project scheduling, and cost estimation. At this stage, we conduct thorough research together with our client.
  2. Next, we define the client’s requirements and key features that takes us one step closer to the finish line.
  3. Prototype and design. Before even we get to development, we make sure that the users will like it.
  4. Now the development stage starts with approved requirements.
  5. In-depth testing with advanced tools. Upon finishing the testing phase, the product is ready for deployment.
  6. Public launch of the product.
  7. Ongoing support and maintenance.

As proof of our dedication to excellence, take a look at our most recent client review on Clutch.




If you’re not familiar with Clutch, it is an established platform where developers meet potential customers. Clutch rating is an indicator of excellence. Their analysts collect client feedback and present the info with analysis and comparison of competitors in a specific market. Businesses rely on Clutch ratings to find the right service provider. It is an easy way to find the right partner as businesses can access the info for free.


In the review above, our client, AIST Global, wanted to develop a fully secure modern communication tool for businesses. To make it more advanced, they needed the app to support 5G-standard technology. 


“We wanted a messaging app that would be based on new 5G-standard internet transport technologies, which provide revolutionary results in real-time communication. The app does not ask users for their personal phone number[s]. Our registration only uses reliable authentication options… They were very clear with us throughout the whole process.”

— Hrayr Shahbazyan, CEO & Founder, AIST Global


Check out the full review on Clutch for more details about the project. Also, its another sister site, The Manifest, provides lists of the best companies under any industry and location, which you can use in your market research.


We delivered the complex product in just a few months and, suffice to say, the client is satisfied with the results of the project.  

Addevice is also a highly rated service provider at several other agencies.


We are listed in the Top Marketing agencies of Armenia by Agency Vista that has a network of 45,029 companies. We are proud to be among the most trusted and professional companies.


Top Mobile Development Companies of GoodFirms is another platform where Addevice is listed in. The companies are presented here with customer reviews and services.


In the first quarter of 2021, we were enrolled in the list of Mobile App Development Companies of Techimply - a technology recommendation platform.


The company is also listed in the Top Mobile Developers 2021 by Techreviewer. 

Clutch Recognizes Addevice Among Armenia's Top App Developers for 2022 

Addevice has recorded achievements also in TopFirms IT Directory. The company leads in the list of Top 30+ Mobile App Development Companies in the USA.  Two other best lists are 30 Best Android App Development Companies in the USA and 30 Best iOS App Development Companies in the USA.

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