Top 5 Mobile Apps For Language Learning in 2023

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Top 5 Mobile Apps For Language Learning


Being bilingual is fantastic. You explore the language and the culture of language bearers, be part of it and contribute to your self-development. What about the third language? Maybe it is something exotic, or you are more about a practical option? There are hundreds of options, and all you need to do is just get a proper language learning tool. And we are just about to help you find the best language learning app.





Before we had all the comfort of smartphones and apps, we had to carry books and notebooks, make notes, write down words and translate them. It was kind of romantic, but it was time-consuming. Today, everything is about speed. We hold meetings through smartphones, make notes, pay, communicate, work, and so much more only through applications. Learning through a smartphone and a mobile app is just another lifesaving solution. You can manage your day better with e-Learning enjoying the comfort of studying whenever you have time or desire, and no paperwork at all. Isn’t it fantastic to have a chance to learn any language by dedicating about 10 minutes a day? You can practice while having lunch, on your way home, before bed, or anytime you want.  


Language learning mobile app saves money spent on a tutor and books. You need a mobile device and your favorite language learning app installed.




First of all, you need to know at what level your language skills are. You also need to learn about the methods and goals of the language learning app. For example, it may be designed just to expand the vocabulary or teach you grammar. Based on these points, we chose the 5 top-rated language apps that will help you reach these goals and improve your language online.



Let’s check which mobile e-learning apps are the most useful for language learning.






With 100 million active users, this is one of the most popular education apps in the world. The application supports more than 30 languages. Duolingo has a simple interface and gamified lessons that turn the learning process into fun and game. 


Most of the courses are created by native speakers, and you can even find fiction Klingon language spoken by a fictional alien race in the Star Trek universe. 


Being absolutely user-friendly and user-oriented, the application is packed with all the necessary features and settings to be comfortable and easy to use. You can pick your first language, the level, how much time you are ready to spend learning, etc. 


Rating in App Store: 4.7, Google Play: 4.7 stars. It’s been named Editors Choice in both stores. You can start your own experience by joining more than 300 million users from all over the world. Duolingo app is free but has an ad-free subscription ($6.99 per month).



  • fun content, addictive gamification
  • no sign-up required



  • in-app lives as “hearts” run out fast


Our Rating: 9/10




Top 5 Mobile Apps For Language Learning in 2023 2


If you can accurately reproduce all the grammatical features but can’t speak fluently in real-life conversation, this app is for you. HelloTalk is a mobile social network with a global language and culture exchange community with more than 18 million members. Live communication and exchanging news and photos will help you put the acquired skills into practice. You can make free audio calls and instant voice messages with native speakers and practice your speaking skills with other users. This app supports 150 and more languages.


Rating in App Store: 4.7, Google Play: 4.1 stars. It’s named Editors’ Choice on Google Play. HelloTalk has a monthly subscription option ($2.99 per month).



  • real-time convos with native speakers 
  • cheaper than others
  • integrated translation option



  • The translation is slightly off


Our rating: 8/10






Trusted by over 42 million people in 189 countries, Memrise is a great choice for beginners who want to learn and memorize new words. You’ll be asked to repeat the words you have already studied until you fully memorize them. This app will be the best choice for those who are not tech-savvy as it’s simple to use. 


Supporting 20 languages, the application is a fun vocabulary practice whenever you have a minute to learn a new word. The fun part of the application is memes and gamification. The platform creates learning courses through funny and bizarre associations for studying new words. Memrise promises a 100% result for learning and memorizing each word through repetition and push notifications.


Rating in App Store: 4.8, Google Play: 4.7 stars. Some lessons are available for free, but the full program unlocks if you subscribe to Memrise Pro ($8.99 per month).



  • offline courses
  • an interval repetition method



  • teaches only words, not their use in different contexts


Our rating: 8/10






Busuu helps you learn on the current level of your language learning and pick up a native speaker as a mentor. It has a user-friendly, modern interface with more than 1,000 lessons created by experienced language experts. 


The learning app will take you through language learning from single words to expressions and dialogues organized in topical themes. The best thing about the app is the engagement of native speakers in a personal learning process. 


With push notifications, the app will remind you of the words you have the most difficulty remembering. It also offers an option to track your progress. Busuu’s selection of languages is less than the rest: 12 languages at different levels. Busuu Premium learners have access to McGraw-Hill Education certificates.


Rating in App Store: 4.9, Google Play: 4.4 stars. The app is free, but it has Premium and Premium Plus options ($6 and $7 per month, accordingly).



  • includes all experience levels
  • help from native speakers



  • most of the features are paid
  • small language selection


Our rating: 9/10






Babbel supports 14 languages with short courses for beginners and intermediate-level students. It will take only 10 minutes to complete each lesson, so you can easily get new knowledge on your way home, in the queue, or during a break. Babbel uses interactive dialogs and a speech recognition system presented in an engaging and minimalistic interface, making the process more enjoyable. It has more than 60,000 language lessons.


Rating in App Store: 4.7, Google Play: 4.6 stars. Babbel has a one-week free trial; for the full course, you need to subscribe ($9.99 per month).



  • interactive dialogs
  • short lessons



  • week voice recognition system
  • subscription is required


Our rating: 9/10



Top 5 Mobile Apps For Language Learning in 2023 6

Empower Your Language Skills with this Cutting-Edge Mobile App for Language Learning


Discover the extreme dialect learning companion with idict, one of the best portable apps for dialect learning. Outlined by specialists at Addevice, idict revolutionizes the way you ace unused dialects on the go. Whether you are a fledgling or a progressed learner, idict offers an immersive and personalized learning involvement custom-made to your needs.


With its instinctive interface and comprehensive language curriculum, idict prepares you with basic devices to extend your lexicon, make strides elocution, and improve your dialect capability. Investigate an endless collection of intelligently learned lessons, locks in works out, and real-life reenactments that make dialect learning both pleasant and successful.


Tackle the control of idict's cutting-edge highlights, counting discourse acknowledgment innovation, which gives moment input on your articulation and helps you fine-tune your talking abilities. 


Remain associated with a dynamic community of dialect learners around the world, as idict permits you to connect virtual dialect trade bunches, take part in dialect challenges, and be associated with local speakers. Submerge yourself in bona fide discussions and social encounters that bring your dialect aptitudes to life.


Whether you're learning Spanish, French, German, Chinese, or any other dialect, idict caters to a wide run of dialect learners with its broad dialect library. Take advantage of its offline mode and learn anytime, anyplace, without stressing about the web network.


Download idict today and unlock the door to a world of language learning possibilities. Start your journey to fluency and confidently communicate in your target language with this powerful mobile app by Addevice.


We hope you find the above-listed learning apps helpful. If you need to practice your reading, writing, and speaking skills, you can use several apps in parallel. Consistency is the key to success, so make a new habit of practicing foreign languages.


This article is also an offer to build language learning applications in case you are interested in creating one. Our team of developers has extensive experience in the mobile app development market and is ready to help you develop and launch a similar app. Contact Addevice for quotation and project proposal. 


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eLearning, or electronic learning, is the learning process through digital communication.

  • Cost-effective
  • Saves time
  • Improves performance and productivity
  • Lower environmental impact.

Ask these basic questions:

  • What is my current level of knowledge?
  • What methods does the app use?
  • What is the goal of the mobile learning app?
  • What will I achieve upon completion?
  • Are there certificates offered upon completion?
  • Is there any chance I can get the same level of education for free?
  • Is a placement test offered?
  • Will I be able to practice speaking upon completion?

You are never done learning, but you can have a goal to reach a specific level. It depends on the methods used and how intensively a person studies. It may take from a few months to years.

It may be free or up to $10 per month. However, if you are a beginner, we recommend starting with self-learning tools.

The closer the language is to your native language, the easier it will be for you. No language will be easy for everyone. For English speakers, the most accessible languages are German and Swedish, which belong to the family of Germanic languages, also French and Spanish, which belong to the family of Romance languages.

No, you don’t have to study every day. Some 3-4 times a week is enough. However, try to read or listen to the language every day even if you are not studying.

You can turn to the next level or start using native materials not to lose what you have already gained.

Listening and reading are key to practicing a language. Always check the pronunciation in the beginning as it will be more difficult to fix it later. Then find a partner at a language exchange site to practice the language.

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