TOP 8 trip planning apps 2023: Best trip organizers for you

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What does it feel like traveling? One would say it is the best feeling, one may have certainly fallen in love with traveling, and there is absolutely no one who would reject a chance to travel or has ever regretted it. So yes, we all love traveling, and we are so happy the bad days are gone, and we can take a deep breath somewhere in the mountains or on the beach. 


Less romance and more data. The tourism industry struggled a lot during the last years. To understand the scales of the downfall caused by the pandemic, let’s check out some numbers.


  • Revenues from the Travel & Tourism market is forecast to reach US$854.80bn by 2023.
  • Revenue is expected to exhibit an annual rate of growth (CAGR 2023-2027) of 4.41 %, which will result in an expected market size of US$1,016.00bn in 2027.
  • The biggest market category can be found in Hotels with a forecast market value in the range of US$408.80bn by 2023.
  • In the hotel industry there are a lot of guests. The number of hotel users is predicted to be 1,333.0m users by 2027.
  • User penetration was 24.3% in 2023. It is predicted to rise to 27.2 in 2027.
  • Average revenue per person (ARPU) is anticipated to be US$0.46k.
  • The Travel & Tourism market, 74% of the total revenues will come from online sales in 2027.
  • Globally, the majority of revenues will come from the United States (US$190.40bn in 2023).

The good thing is we are getting back to airports to experience all the happy feelings. Hope you are already planning your next trip and it is going to be so special and so expected. To help you plan it in detail and spend every minute of your travel unforgettable, we have put together a list of 8 travel planning apps to be in your pocket whenever you need it.     

A proper trip planner can save from a rushed and stressful journey: 


Want the cheapest ticket at the last moment? Easy! The best-suited hotel or an apartment, maybe a castle? Again, no problem.


With trip organizer apps, it’s an easy task to find the best locations, book the perfect room, pack smart, find the tastiest restaurant around, optimize your journey, based on the trip duration, and more.


We’ve picked an excellent package of various trip planner apps to help you whether you’re planning a trip or you’re already on your road!  


Let the travel apps help you whether you want to spend a whole year in a foreign country or pack light for a few days for sightseeing. 


We’ve gathered together the best 8 trip organizer apps to help you organize your travel routine safely and pleasantly with this idea in mind.



Trip Advisor



Probably the best trip organizer app ever, seriously! Tripadvisor became a favorite trip planner on most mobile devices for its flexibility, colossal information base, and user-friendliness. It lets us see the other tourists' photos, reviews, articles, or videos while searching for a certain location. With Tripadvisor, you can easily find a chip and nice restaurant, book a hotel, guest house, flight, or go for great shopping! All are here in one “box”. Available for both iPhone and Android.


Rating in App Store: 4.7    
Google Play: 4.4 stars



  • Enables to see both reviews and photographs posted by tourists.
  • Enables booking hotels, flights, restaurants, and rentals directly from the site.
  • Enables managers to respond to any kind of review.



  • Fake reviews, which Tripadvisor team tries to remove. However, it’s impossible to eliminate such reviews.


Our Rating: 9/10



Visit a City



One of the users’ favorite apps for travelers is to Visit a City, for sure, for its’ time optimization option, based on the period you‘re going to spend in a specific place. 


For example, the app offers a recommended sightseeing plan based on your journey duration. The app helps estimate the time on each activity you’ve chosen as your itinerary options and gives the best options to achieve your goals. Besides, a tourist can edit the itinerary by changing the trip starting date, revising trip duration, or deleting the attraction altogether. Available for both iPhone and Android


Rating in App Store: 4.8    
Google Play: 4.6 stars



  • It’s available to pre-plot the location on the map and print
  • With each location comes a review rating, allowing us to decide whether it’s worth visiting
  • Availability to add notes for each attraction (cost, preferable meal/restaurant, etc.)



  • It’s usable only for cities and not suitable for small towns or road trips

Our rating: 8/10



Wanderlog Travel Planner


Wanderlog is a free trip planning app and website where travelers can build, organize, and map their trip plans. It's not your ordinary trip planner - its UI makes it easy (and fun!) to use, it's incredibly flexible, and it provides all the information you need in one place. For each place added to your trip, Wanderlog automatically pulls up a picture and a brief description, as well as a pin on your trip map, making it easier than ever to visualize your plans. When you click on a place, view key information from Google like how long people typically spend there, contact info, and user ratings, as well as links to trusted review sites (e.g., Tripadvisor). You can make general lists of 'places to visit' or a detailed itinerary where you can see how long it takes to get between places. For additional flexibility, add your own freeform notes wherever you want, add unlimited stops, collaborate with friends in real-time, and export your places to Google Maps when you want to navigate. 


Rating in App Store: 4.7 Google Play: 4.6 stars Pros:

  • Users are able to see both the map and your lists altogether in a single view instead of flipping between views.
  • The trip planning features available on the web into the app, so you can seamlessly plan on-the-go


 Our rating: 10 /10 






A simply designed money-saving app works 

on both iOS and Android. Hopper uses a proprietary algorithm for finding the lowest price on flights, hotels, etc. Hopper predicts price changes analyzing billions of prices daily, and tells subscribed users whether to get tickets or wait some more time.


Rating in App Store:4.8 stars    
Google Play: 4.5 stars



  • Hopper’s algorithm helps find the lowest prices up to a year in advance. They have helped 30 million tourists to save more than $1.8 billion.



  • Lousy customer service, based on a huge amount of reviews.


Our rating: 9 /10



Culture Trip



If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path destination and exploring unique and out of mainstream places, this app is a pretty finding. There are more than 200 recommended destinations worldwide for making your trip unforgettable and bringing a local perspective into your journey.


Rating in App Store: 4.8 stars    
Google Play: 4.7 stars



  • Uses content to find and fix places you want to visit. Categories and filters, such as Food and drinks, Music, or Guides, to save in your created lists.



  • Not all languages are available.

Our rating 8/10



Want to plan a trip via roads or download maps without a connection? Easy! Just get this app and enjoy hiking, tackling mountain trails, just traveling! Project lets users get free offline world maps which can help to find the way anywhere in the world.

Rating in App Store: 4.8 stars    
Google Play: 4.5 stars



  • The open-source app allows people to freely edit the map, similar to Wikipedia
  • Includes hiking trails, bicycle roads, etc.



  • No way to distinguish between the fastest, efficient, or shortest route
  • Not as useful for navigating while hiking/climbing/etc
  • Traffic information is not available in all countries and cities


Our rating: 7/10



Packing Pro



Nothing is more overwhelming than a packing process, for sure. However, there is a trip planner app that you will love! Packing Pro is simply a designed helper for an effective packing process. What we love about the app is the shareable lists via iTunes File Sharing, AirDrop, Dropbox, Box, iCloud.


Rating in App Store: 4.9 stars



  • Customizations like fonts, color, styles, layout options, and more.
  • Shareable lists via iTunes File Sharing, AirDrop, Dropbox, Box, iCloud



  • Available only for iOS
  • Not free - Price: $2.99


Our rating: 8/10



Drive Weather



Best price tickets are reserved, baggage is packed, and the best-suited hotel is booked. However, there’s one thing to consider before picking a date—the weather, of course. The last thing you want for your journey is to sit in the hotel room because of the nasty weather. DriveWeather was designed to help travelers get rid of the worst weather conditions by letting them track the best departure time, providing radar views and routes with weather condition icons.


Rating in App Store: 4.7 stars    
Google Play: 3,1 stars



  • There is 2 days free forecast and 900-mile trip and city-to-city routing



  • You have to pay about $10 per year for an ad-free app.


Our rating: 7/10






Probably the best-known renting service is Airbnb. It’s a platform that connects travelers and locals that rent apartments. Here you can rent anything – from a room to a medieval castle. The service currently covers 191 countries worldwide and more than 81,000 cities.


Rating in App Store: 4.7 stars Google Play: 3,1 stars Pros:

  • Free Listings
  • Hosts Can Set Their Price
  • Customizable Searches
  • Protections for Guests and Hosts



  • What You See May Not Be What You Get
  • Potential Damage
  • It Isn’t Legal Everywhere


Our rating: 9/10


So, guys, this is our version of the best 8 mobile apps for travel planning and trip organizing. We hope you’ll have the best experience using them while booking the best tickets, finding the best budget accommodation, or choosing the perfect local restaurant.





idict is a top-notch mobile travel planner and trip organizer app that will revolutionize the way you explore the world. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, idict ensures a hassle-free and unforgettable travel experience.

Key Features:

  • Smart Itinerary Management: idict allows you to effortlessly create and manage your travel itineraries, including flights, accommodation, activities, and more. Stay organized and never miss a beat.
  • Real-time Travel Updates: Get moment notices around flight delays, door changes, and other imperative travel data to guarantee smooth moves amid your journey.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Find covered up gems and must-visit attractions custom fitted to your inclinations. idict gives personalized suggestions for eateries, points of interest, and exercises, guaranteeing you make the foremost of your trip.
  • Collaboration Made Easy: Arrange bunch trips easily with idict's collaboration include. Welcome companions or family to contribute to the schedule, making travel arranging a shared encounter.
  • Offline Access: Appreciate getting to your travel plans indeed without a web association, permitting you to remain on track wherever your enterprises take you.

Do not settle for unremarkable travel encounters. Download idict now and open a world of consistent travel arranging and exceptional recollections.

Enjoy your journey!  

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